FAQ & Bonus for writers!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you appear at my...event? school? conference?

I'd love to! Contact me here with the details. 

How did you land your agent?

Good, old fashioned querying. It works, people!

Can you send me a signed copy of your book?

 The best way to receive signed copies of my books are to contact my local Barnes & Noble in Edison, NJ. 

You can call the store directly: (732) 548-4179 or email: CRM2162@bn.com with your request.

Is Tami your real name or do you have another name?

Tami is actually my nickname. My real name is Tamika and I have quite a few other nicknames 

my family & friends call me: Mika, Mik-Mik, Tams, Tamz, Tamburger, Burgers, 

and Sha...don't ask! My favorite name, though, is MOMMY.

Can you read my manuscript? Hook me up with your agent...publisher?

Due to legal reasons and eternal deadlines, I am unable to read your manuscript. Also, I don't 

have any power to land you an agent or a book deal. BUT! I do have some advice on how to get there. Keep reading.

Can you give me advice on how to get published?

Now THIS I can do! Download the file below.

Take my advice with a grain of sugar. Other authors might have different experiences and insight. 

Tami Charles, Author Advice (pdf)